Telecom Consortium

Providing telephone service for Olmsted County, the City of Rochester and Rochester Public Schools. 

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Phone Number - x87900

Welcome to the Telecom Consortium web page!  
You will find information here about everything related to telephones in our organizations.
If you have any questions that aren't answered here, let us know!

New User Guide A quick-start guide for new employees.  This document will walk you through the basics of using your telephone and voice mail.
Using Your Avaya Telephone  Descriptions and instructions for all of the features that are available for you to use on your telephone can be found on this page. 

For information on settings for your telephone - changing the ring tone, changing labels on your phone's display, turning off the annoying clicks and beeps when you press a key - scroll down and click on the picture of your telephone.

These links will bring you to information about your voice mail.  

The Setup and Feature info link will bring you to step-by-step instructions for using your mailbox.  

The Quick Reference Guide shows you the keystrokes you need for voice mail features and has a chart with the features that are available through your telephone.

The User Guide has detailed descriptions and instuctions for the voice mail system.   The web options and other advanced features are not available on our system at this time.
EVM Access Page Link

EVM  User Guide
The Access Page Link will bring you to the page where you can change your EVM settings.  Enter your 5-digit extension number and your voice mail password.

The User Guide has instructions for setting up and using our EVM system.
Telephone Troubleshooting Guide This document has information that will help you to diagnose and correct problems with your telephone.

Click on the Headset pictures below for troubleshooting info for your headset.

Repair Information The Repair Information page will let you know who to call to report a problem and gives you additional information to help us in getting the problem resolved for you.
Ordering New Phones or Services This page has information that will assist you in ordering new telephones and new telecom services.
Directory Information This page has information concerning or listings in the local telephone directories.
Telecom does not publish or distribute staff directory information.
Telecom FAQ Frequently Asked Questions.  You know you got 'em......
Telecom Service Guide This document contains information for Liaisons, supervisors and building administrators.  It covers available services, costs, and customer responsibilities, along with lots of other useful information.

There are some settings that are specific to your model of phone - click on the picture of your phone below to get instructions for changing your ring tone, display appearance, call labels, and more.  If you don't see your phone, call Telecom at x87900 for assistance. 

For those at Pinewood Elementary School, choose the 9611G phone - this is very similar to your 9620 phones.

Avaya 9611G

Avaya 9641G

Avaya SBM24 Expansion Module



Avaya 4610 SW IP

Avaya 4621 SW IP


Avaya 2410

Avaya 2420